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    3rd International contest "Beaded Exclusive - 2012"


    Winners of the contest

    3rd International contest BEADED EXCLUSIVE - 2012


    Dear friends,

    We invite you to take part in the International contest ‘Beaded exclusive’

    Conditions of participation

    Designers from all countries can take part in the contest.
    The participants of the final part will be invited to take part in the International contest ‘Beaded exclusive’
    It will held on October, 2012 in Kiev (International Exhibition Centre, Brovarskoy Avenue 15).

    The theme of the contest is ‘What does a woman want?’
    1.Items of personal jewellry (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, lockets, chains, etc.).
    Technique is not limited. The materials have include not less than 60% of the beads.
    -Wire. Crystals.Metal clay.
    Technique is not limited. The materials have include not less than 20% of the beads and seed.
    - Leather. Soutache strip. Fabric. Synthetic and natural fibers.
    Technique is not limited. The materials have include not less than 10% of the beads and seed.
    - Polymer clay.Lampwork

    3. Art-objects and souvenirs
    Technique is not limited (sculpture, flower arrangements, toys, souvenirs, etc.). The materials have include not less than 20% of the beads and seed beads.

    -    each work must have a name
    -    the works have be made in 2011-2012
    -    not allowed the works took prizes in other contests
    -    each participant have an opportunity to present his or her work (5 minutes) on the main stage of the exhibition personally
    -     collective works will not be accepted to participate
    Fashion magazine and Fashion handmade have the right to publish your works  n our magazine. The author hasn`t right to publish the photos in other print and online publications before the publication in the magazine.  

    Applications and participation fee:

    1.  An application can have free forn, including:
    -    Full name
    -    Full address
    -    Phone number, e-mail, web site
    -    Nomination, the amount of work, name of work
    -    A list of materials (the size of cabochon, the size of seed beads, beads, the amount of soutache and other materials)
    -    The photograph
    -    The essay. It theme is ‘Me and my creativity’ 
    2.    Participation fee is 40USD. The prize includes from 1 to 4 works in one or different    nominations.
    3.    If you want present more than 4 works you have to pay 5 USD for each work
    4.    For the participants and authors of publications of previous years – 10% discount   
    5.    The payment sum is distributed for rent of showcases, advertising, for formation of the prize fund

    Photo requirements:

    1.    At least three photos of each work (close-up details, back side, general plan)
    2.    The image must be clear, light and solid (preferably white or light-grey) background
    3.    Digital photos with a resolution of 300 dpi, - JPG or TIFF. The size of the file with a phote at least 1 megabyte
    4.    The phote can be sent in print (10x15cm) or using CD.

    Documents and photos organizer will not return.

    Applications and photos have be sent not later than September 10, 2012

    Yuriy Shumanskyi
    Chief editor of ‘Fashion magazine’ and ‘Fashion handwork’



    The winners of III International contest "Beaded Exclusive -2012"

    Contest Grand Prix

    Inna Rogacheva, Russia, Stavropol









                      Nomination "Items of personal jewelleries"


      1st place: Nataliya Balytskaya, Ukraine, Kiev

    "Keepers of the dawn
    in the garden of the emperor"



      2nd place: Victoriya Shevchenko, Ukraine, Kiev

    "Elixir of eternal youth"


    3rd place:Helena Viesulas, Australia - UA








                                  Nomination "Art objects and souvenirs"


    1st place -
    Olga Shtogryn, Ukraine, K

            "Pink Hospitality"

    2nd place -
    Inna Kapshyk, Ukraine, Kiev

    Icon "Portent"


    3rd place -
    Patty McCourt, Great Britain

          "Love Bird"



            Nomination "Items of personal jewelleries. Mix techniques"


    1st place –
    Mariana Mykhailyuk, Ukraine, Kiev

    "Fairy nymph"

    2nd place -
    Kayana Tiss, Russia, Orenburg


    3rd place –
    Nina Vityuk, Ukraine, Lutsk

    "An eye of the snake"