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2nd Moscow International Exhibition "Doll Art"


 Cultural fund “DOLLS OF THE WORLD” presented
2nd Moscow International Exhibition "Doll Art"
October 28-30, 2011

Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”

The largest exhibition – an event in the doll`s world, which came to the cultural life of the capital by sensational burst from CEH “Manege” to Red square.
The exhibition project “Doll`s art” includes five functional parts:
1.    International exhibition and fair “Doll`s of the world”, under which were presented the works of leading artists of the world, the largest galleries and doll`s collectors, art groups from more than 20 countries.
2.    The art projects “21st CENTURY OF THE DOLL`S ODYSSEY”. A series of expositions, installations and exhibition projects, related a single taks – to tell about travels and adventures of a cultural phenomenon by the name DOLL.
3.    Award “Pandora” (“pandora” – from Greek world means “all gifted”). The proze is awarded to artists, art historians, collectors, gallery owners, publishers in the field of doll`s art,who have proven themselves bright and talented in different aspects of this activity.     
4.    Fifth Bartramov readings – International scientific and practical conference.
Organizers: Fund “Dolls of the world” and “Artistic and pedagogical museum of toys”.  
5. Charity section "LAND OF GOOD."