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European Patchwork Meeting



Editorial Board of “Fashion Magazine”- “Fashion Handmade” took part in the 19 th European Patchwork Meeting. We have presented our magazine and our Show “Masters` Golden Hands”. Meetings and Show was held in Saint-Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France, from September 12-15, 2013.   

European Patchwork Meetings are the most professional Quilt Show in Europe.
There were 20 800 visitors at this 19 th edition.
Show program this year was met with o lot of praise from everyone and it did include American collectors such as Jonathan Holstein with his traditional patchworks, Kay Triplett with his Chintz, original fabric printings from the “Manufacture de Beauville” (M.I.E.), works from Denmark and South Africa-countries guests of honor-and a lot of other international groups and individual artists.

France Patchwork’s exhibits were of course also there and organizers tried to take into account all numerous visitors’ wishes and taste to organize classes, lectures and guided tours which were very successful.

At the European Patchwork Meeting organizers try to innovate year after year and for the 2013 edition we created a “Village Country” in the commercial area with around ten international shops - a very trendy notion indeed! It was such a success that we will renew it next year.
Also new: classes have started the day before the opening of the Carrefour and there was not any on Sunday, which seemed to make everybody happy.
It is worth noting that the exhibition was also presented a wonderful exposition of Russian artists Irina Voronina, Galina Krasnikova and Nelly Savelyeva.
Also during the Show was held the International contest 2013 “Distortion”.
We can also note that the International Contest is getting more and more popular.
Starting in 2013 and at least until 2017 organizers have secured Quilts Japan’s sponsorship and created with them a new “professional” category. This year first prize went to the Swiss artist Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix for her work “Magic View”.
In the general category the “Best Show” won Kim Hye Sook (South Korea) for her work “Dramatization of Memory”. 

There were 134 entries in the contest this year and among them 22 professionals.

Editorial Board of “Fashion Magazine”- “Fashion Handmade” expresses many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, particularly Gul Laporte, for inviting us to visit this wonderful show.
Next European Patchwork Meetings will be held on October 18-21, 2014. It will be 20 th anniversary.   

Courtesy of European Patchwork Meeting. Photo credit : Celine Lachkar
and Editorial Board of Fashion Magazine