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Fashion Handicraft #01(2017)

 Fashion Handicraft #1 2018

  • Reportage from the new-year show "Parade of the Presents" on December, 8-10 in Kyiv
  • Necklaces with a beaded rope 
  • Embroidered jewelleries by Maryna Liubimova
  • Detailed workshow of the flower composition beaded with a wire
  • Workshop by "Fairy Moment" company: "Polish hydrangeas"
  • Works by contestants of the "Fairy Beads" children`s contest
  • Conditions of the XI International contest "Fairy beads-2018" and VIII children`s contest "Fairy beads", Kyiv
  • Collection of the jewelleries with a gimp by Svetlana Dubinsky (Israel)
  • Extramural beading academy: lesson #5 "Herringbone/ Ndebele stitch" (part 18). Ndebele flower
  • Art-quilt: Nataliya Trikisha

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